Scott Quigley

Farmer and Grazier
“Fairview”, Warren NSW

I am a farmer from Warren in Central Western NSW running a mixed farming operation that includes Winter cereals, cotton as our main Summer crop and 120 Angus cows.

I have been using Mako Oil for over 3 years and can really see the benefits compared to its competitors. Mako Oil is the most natural form of its kind and the evidence is in the results on our machinery.

Our operation runs and maintains countless tools, implements and machinery. Rubber hoses and seals are lasting so much longer because I can spray Mako Oil directly on them without perishing them. The bearings are flogging out first, not the seals. I have found other products perish the seals and allow dirt into the bearings.

The cattle crush, tractors, cotton pickers, cultivators, irrigation gates, prime movers, trailers, tools, motorbikes, quads… Everything gets a liberal dose of Mako Oil to prevent corrosion and keep all moving parts doing what they’re supposed to. Mako Oil also brings back the original shine to a lot of older machinery.

Mako Oil is the only product I use on-farm now, there’s just too many advantages to ignore. You should give it a go!


Hazelbrook, NSW

I sprayed my leaf springs in my 4×4 two weeks ago and still no squeek from them. I tried WD40, lithuim grease and what ever other product you can think of but nothing compares to Mako Oil.

Steve “Starlo” Starling

Starlo Fishing
Fishing Writer / TV Presenter

As a full-time fishing writer and TV presenter, I fight an ongoing battle with corrosion and deterioration of the equipment my livelihood depends upon, especially in marine environments. I’ve tried most of the lubricants and rust inhibitors on the market and they all work to varying extents, but most have serious drawbacks. Some leave sticky residues that attract dirt and salt. Others attack fishing line and plastics. A few wash off far too easily, or cause unsightly staining. None were perfect… until I discovered Mako Oil. This stuff seems almost too good to be true! It works like a charm, really penetrates, doesn’t leave a residue… and the fish even seem to like it! I’m now using it on all my fishing and boating gear, as well as to revitalise leather knife sheaths, old boots, belts, buckles and seat covers. It brings old lures and rods up like new and really protects my expensive reels. In fact, hardly a day goes by when I don’t discover a new use for Mako Oil. I’m absolutely hooked on the stuff!

Stephen Tabone

RDA Coordinator – Gove Operations

Once Mako Oil was approved for use on-site we sprayed the product onto the threaded spindles of 8 seized angle bayonet valves. With minimal effort applied, all 8 valves were once again operational in less than 2 hours. To replace all 8 valves would have cost the business approximately $60000 in parts and labour. The equipment is in a salt water environment so corrosion is a big problem, however we have found with routine spraying of the valves and equipment with Mako Oil, further seizing of the valves has been prevented.

David Porter

Chief Engineer

When I first heard of Mako Oil, I was very sceptical. I had a cupboard full of the very best lubricants and corrosion preservatives. Why would I need another?

We maintain a fleet of 9 aircraft including floatplanes. We also maintain an island resort on the Great Barrier Reef with a fleet of glass bottom boats, tractors, generators, desalination plant and assorted fixtures. We initially purchased our first container of Mako Oil around 3 years ago. This product has now replaced a large number of the more expensive products in that cupboard and we have not yet found the limit of its uses.

Not only is it environmentally friendly, this product really works!

Tim Montgomery

Trangie NSW

I have been a farmer & grazier on the NSW central western plains property, “Tarmont” for 45 years. In the last 4 years I have started to use Mako Oil on all my machinery & have been totally impressed with this product. For 41 years I have been using inferior products with average results. Now, with Mako Oil the results are unbelievable! I use Mako Oil on rusty bolts, shafts, battery terminals & many other things on the farm. I even use this product to rejuvenate my family’s boots! What a product Mako Oil is! Try it! Use it! You will be hooked on MAKO OIL!

Paul and Lisa Hogger

Yacht “Lorelei”

In 2010 we had our 60ft yacht re-rigged in preparation for an extended around-the-world sailing expedition. The rigger used Mako Oil during the re-rigging process and we were advised to take some with us and periodically spray all the pulley blocks, jammers and most other parts of the rigging in order to keep it well lubed, corrosion free and in good condition. However after using it on the rig, we soon found multiple uses for it onboard. It helped maintain minor rust on our steel boat, kept the stainless steel polished along with the fibreglass dorade vents and our tenders and outboard motors well protected. We liberally used it on our SCUBA equipment, spearfishing gear, line and fly fishing rods & reels and even on our high-end underwater photographic equipment.

Prior to discovering Mako Oil, we had a shelf in the workshop full of spray cans, tins and containers with over a dozen different products to cover our needs onboard Lorelei. Now we have just three, with Mako Oil being the main go to product. The biggest advantage we find with Mako Oil is you can coat an item and once it’s dry, it leaves a glossy protective coat that is not sticky or tacky. We have not found this with any other similar product.

After more than 6 years, two dozen countries and the equivalent distance of sailing around the world one and a half times (in some of the harshest conditions on the planet), we returned to the rigger in early 2017 and received a rig report indicating our yacht’s rig was in excellent condition and all the ancillary equipment that had been maintained solely by Mako Oil was in perfect working order and looking virtually as good as new. We can highly recommend Mako Oil. It was a major contributing factor in our maintenance program that got us around the world – and back…..

Tony Terry

TR & CA Terry Mechanical Repairs
Trangie NSW

I have had my own mechanical repair business for over 25 years & been in the automotive repair game most of my working life.

Mako Oil is an outstanding product! It works so much better than other similar products. It is especially good on loosening bolts, door hinges, seized  cables, squeaking door rubbers & makes windows go up & down more easily. The uses are endless!

I use it all the time in my workshop & recommend it to all my clients, especially the farming clients.

Mako Oil makes my job so much easier & I highly recommend it !!