Common Uses for Mako Oil

There are thousands of uses for Mako oil. It’s used everyday in the automotive, aquaculture and marine industries, also by sugar mills, on farm equipment, metal fabricators, rubber, leather, vinyl, polishing stainless steel, as well as around the house and in the workshop.

Just take a look at these examples!

  • Machinery

    Spray inside and out. Will prevent rust and preserve the rubber, plastic, alloy and metal components. Mako Oil makes bolts, screws and nuts easy to spray tractors after using fertilizers or chemicals.

  • Aluminium and Stainless Steel

    Spray with Mako Oil and wipe with a soft cloth to clean, polish and prevent corrosion and electrolysis.

  • Engine Components

    Quad bikes, jet skis, motor bikes and cars. Prevents rust and corrosion. Mako Oil protects plastic, leather or vinyl seats from sun damage and rejuvenates.

  • Steel Containers

    Shipping, wheat bins, truck trailers. Mako Oil’s high penetrating ability gets under rust and prevents further corrosion.

  • Outboard Motors

    Spray Mako Oil under the cowling to prevent and preserve. Spray and wipe with a cloth on the outside of the cowling and motor to preserve colour and keep it looking as new.

  • Fibreglass

    Fibreglass boats and skis – even if your equipment looks dull and washed out, Mako Oil will rejuvenate the gel coat and bring the bling back.

  • Motor Vehicles

    Motor vehicles – spray Mako Oil inside of the chassis to protect from rust. Spray underneath vehicles, especially those used on the beach.

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